'Inception' Ending Audience Reaction Videos Coming and Going Real Fast


It’s very sad that Warner Brothers is yanking everything ‘Inception’-related off YouTube with great zeal-it’s a reasonable copyright claim on their part, sure, but it’s a shame in particular that this video has gone missing-it was an in-theater recording of the audience’s reaction to the last scene of Inception. (Obviously people who plan to see Inception and haven’t yet should not look read on.)

This description is pretty good:

It’s a sound being heard all around the country right now, an audience reaction quite unlike any other you’ve probably heard after any other film. It’s the sound of people, who are in on what’s going on, and happy to walk out the door without getting all the answers spoonfed to them. It’s the sound of smart moviegoers laughing and groaning all at once, the sound of frustration and delight colliding together in one cacophony

I was actually surprised that people were this invested by the end-the movie begins with quite a lot of talking and we all know how American movie-goers hate the talking.

Also enjoyable: this interview with Dileep Rao, where he makes at least three very smart cases for an specific interpretation of the ending.