Cee-Lo, "What Part of Forever"

Atlanta’s Cee-Lo has been a favorite artist of mine for a long time. But this song, released last month on the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack, and apparently slotted to appear on his forthcoming album, Lady Killer, has taken a while to grow on me. His delivery is so affected and ceremonious, and together with the echoey chime of the guitar and the double-time drums, it takes on a costume-era mid-’60s vibe. Like, you imagine him in Revolutionary War get-up like Paul Revere and the Raiders or something. But grown on me it has. The melody is pretty irresistible. And affected or not, his voice always sounds awesome. So now I wish Cee-Lo was wearing Paul Revere gear (you know he’d dig it) while ambling through the sun-baked Californian hills in another of his beautiful videos.