Bros Fireworking Bros: The 4th of July Butt Fireworks Video Guide

Butt Fireworks: Is it Art?

To celebrate American freedom each year, straight men find ways to pull each others’ pants down and shoot fireworks out of their behinds. It’s very odd, don’t you think? What does it mean? I would suggest that there’s plenty of guys unable to sit down at work today, but that would presume that anyone has a job in America these days. Also, in the future, this will be considered a major new American art form. Like jazz.

What follows is mostly safe for work? Sort of?

Without these fine fellows, we wouldn’t have news reports that say things like “Friends say Kirk Harris lost several of his fingers and damaged his colon in the accident and fire officials say it happened because fireworks weren’t being used properly.”

According to a quick survey of Google News, it looks like this year’s tally includes several missing hands, one or two missing arms, a number of fingers, and a few burn incidents. Also a couple of arrests! And some valiant people who protected children from fireworks stunts gone wrong and lost some digits in the process.

Eventually, I would imagine that this kind of thing seems to participants, when they later look at themselves on video, really gay. I’ve seen gay porn less gay than this.