Bedbugs Also Like Girls (And Dudes) Who Wear Abercrombie And Fitch


Another Manhattan store has been shut down because of a bedbug infestation! The Abercrombie & Fitch at the South Street Seaport — which, it should be noted, is a corporate cousin of the Hollister store in Soho that was invaded by bedbugs earlier this week — has closed its doors to deal with what it is delicately calling “a similar problem.” This coincidence has got the Ohio-based company a little freaked out: “Abercrombie chairman and CEO Michael S. Jeffries asked for ‘leadership and guidance’ on how best to address the problem.” But he was rebuffed by the DOH, a spokeswoman for which said, “It is the responsibility of companies to handle bed bugs on their own.” No more handouts of exterminators’ business cards for you, Abercrombie!

More importantly, one has to wonder what the source of this problem is. Could it be a warehouse issue? A reality of moving suburbia into urban settings? Or is someone taking revenge on the Abercrombie company’s New York outposts — an anti-mall zealot, an anti-male-nipples crusader, a person who had a really bad reaction to hearing LFO’s “Summer Girls” while on line at Duane Reade?

Which store could be next? Because you can never be too sure, the WSJ offers some important dressing-room tips:

# Check behind dressing room mirrors and any other crevices where bed bugs could hide — even wall sockets — before trying on clothing.
# Hang your clothes on hooks, rather than lay them across cushioned seats in dressing rooms or on the carpeted floor as these are safe and popular havens for bed bugs.

Imagine if these things were unleashed in Daffy’s? Oh God, now I’m itching all over.

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