"Back To The Future" Rumor Inspires Longing For The Pony Express Era

1.21 twitterwatts?

Did you and/or your friends hear that July 5, 2010 — also known as “yesterday” — was one of the target dates for Back To The Future’s time-traveling DeLorean? Well, don’t worry if you didn’t, because it’s not true — not even for those late-aughts-produced DirecTV ads that starred Christopher Lloyd. This little bit of misinformation (complete with misleading Photoshop!) was apparently hatched by TotalFilm and turned into an Internet Holiday Wildfire (that’s still burning, thanks to a follow-up Photoshop that changed the DeLorean’s date to July 6!) thanks to the killer combination of that site’s Twitter account having almost 30,000 followers and people not really double-checking anything on the Internet, ever. (“It seems some lax research and average photoshop skills go a long way on Twitter these days,” mused TotalFilm, which apparently just arrived on the Internet.) I would also hazard a guess that peoples’ inherent desire to moan and groan about feeling old played into this particular rumor spreading as quickly as it did, so get ready for more of that when the actual date arrives!