Types Of Hummus Exist That You May Have Wished You Didn't Know About


“In 2000, Holy Land introduced hummus flecked with jalapeño. More recently, the company, which makes about 100,000 plastic tubs of hummus each month for the Midwest market, rolled out guacamole-flavored hummus. By August, its blend of hummus and peanut butter will hit the shelves. ‘That one is for my daughter, Noor,’ Mr. Wadi said. ‘She didn’t think she liked hummus. Then we stirred in peanut butter.’ Other companies are also taking liberties with hummus. In Somersworth, N.H., the Crazy Camel company makes six varieties of dessert hummus, including a blend of chickpeas and cocoa it calls chocolate mousse hummus. In North Carolina, Good Health Natural Foods of Greensboro makes Humbles baked hummus chips in four flavors, including one with feta.”
In case you missed it yesterday… (I didn’t see it til last night), the story in the Times’ Dining Section about Majdi Wadi’s Holy Land hummus company changing the traditional Middle-Eastern staple into “an American product,” is worth reading. Besides the entertaining disgustingness above, it offers a good look at the workings of an industry that has expanded 65-fold in the last fifteen years, and also, a refreshingly apolitical depiction of Arab-American family life. And if you’d like to watch the video cited at the end of the story, “Hummus: The Rap,” by Youtube user GoRemy, here it is!