There Are So Many Terms For Women Who Like Men Who Like Men


“There was absolutely no link between a woman’s relationship status, the number of times she’d been on the receiving end of a breakup, or her body esteem and the number of gay male friends in her life,” observes Scientific American’s Jesse Bering of a recent study which debunks myths about the type of lady he calls “the elusive fag hag.” In the course of the discussion, research psychologist Bering cites an impressive number of other appellations with which I was previously unfamiliar. “The French refer to such women as soeurettes (‘Little Sisters’), the German brand them as Schwulen-Muttis (‘Gay Moms’), and the Mexicans know them as joteras (‘jota’ is commonly used for ‘fag’). In Japan, these women are called okoge, translated literally as ‘the burnt rice that sticks to the bottom of the pot.’” And there are plenty of exciting variations in the English language as well!

[O]ther colorful expressions that capture this distinct demographic rather vividly, some less insultingly so than others, including:

• Fruit fly
• Queen bee
• Queer dear
• Fairy godmother
• Fag shagger
• Queen magnet
• Hag along
• Swish dish
• Faggotina
• Homo honey
• Fairy collector
• Fairy princess
• Fagnet

Just so you know, Bering admits that he shed a tear at the recent passing of Rue McClanahan, which is as solid statement of credentials to open this kind of discussion as any other.