The "Snuck" Wars, Round Two


If it is war you want, it is war you can have, Paris Review. Yes, some of us are pitied, mocked, shamed, ignored, etc., some of us receive a veritable Push of language-related insults, all for just the way we use English. (I, for one, do not use the word “iron” in public because of how it comes out of my mouth.) Believe me, I surely know far better about the shaming than anyone who spends long weeks composing copy for your tidy, august publication. Yet NEVER, never, shall snuck be a word and saying that it is, with your sole case being “because people say it is,” still does not make it so. (And this is no case of “small people”: there is no regionalism, no foreignness, no cross-cultural misunderstanding.) Yes, my literary dears, someone “told me” it wasn’t a word. That is called “an education.” You may write a note of thanks to those ass-people at Evanston Township High School, 1600 Dodge Drive. (Also, check the OED.) And though I also come from a people who say things like “y’all” and even worse things than that, that has no bearing on illicit creations of irregular verb tenses, and likewise no bearing on my expectation that your publication be a brave front guard against devolution, at the same time as it is a proponent of exciting evolution in literature! Snuck is one of those things and not at all the other!