The BP Investigation Begins


Maybe, just maybe, the just-announced investigation by the US Attorney General into the companies involved with the Gulf Oil Disaster will actually reveal something illegal and they can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (this may at some point come to involve a sudden reversal of my strong opposition to the death penalty), despite any possibly changing liability caps. Or maybe not! The best part is that, despite the oily consequences, it’s perfectly likely that everything was perfectly legal. Still, I’m looking forward to how Anne Womack-Kolton explains about how BP will be fully cooperating. (Or, you know, maybe she’ll get confused from the Cheney years and start rambling about how BP has executive privilege.) In other news, the Justice Department “does not have policies or plans for responding to a W.M.D. incident,” says… our government. So PLEASE don’t attack us with any of them there those WMDs right now, thank you.