See, Those Vuvuzelas Do Sound Just Like The Intro To "Welcome to the Jungle"


Yes! The other day, the whole time I was watching the England-U.S.A. match, hearing the drone of the famous vuvuzelas, I couldn’t think of anything except the intro to “Welcome to the Jungle.” (Admittedly, it’s kind of rare that I’m ever thinking of anything except the intro to “Welcome to the Jungle.” But still.)

I mentioned it again and again to the friends I was with and none of them knew at all what I was talking about. (Everyone just kept saying it sounded like bees.) I even commented about it here earlier this week. (Also, ahem, to zero agreement.) Well, thankfully, soccer nut Bruce Sholl, who knows more about musical notes than I do, and who is covering the World Cup for a website called One Great Season, hears the truth and assures me I’m not crazy.

“The vuvuzela produces a sustained b-flat note, which in my mind correlates to the intro note of the Guns N’ Roses timeless classic ‘Welcome To The Jungle.’ I imagine Slash, or 50,000 Slashes, producing this note throughout a game without ever moving on to his terrifically descending guitar riff that kicks off the song before Axl Rose rejoins with his unmistakable banshee cry.”