Scary Science Gibberish: Sharks Making Monsters In Their Stomachs!


There’s nothing quite so wonderful as an alarmist science scandal-you know, the kind of thing that sounds really really bad but you don’t really know why? And we get a lot of that, because sometimes the wonderful people at National Geographic are basically the TMZ of science and animals. Because: Sharks Carrying Drug-Resistant “Bacterial Monsters! SHARKS! Monsters! The coming plague! Sharks carrying monsters in their little fins! Or, um, sharks are making a heady brew in their stomachs of drug-resistant thingies! “Though sharks aren’t a staple in the human diet, we eat what they eat-crab, shrimp, and other fish. So people should be aware of these risks and handle food appropriately to avoid infection”! Oh my God, I’m so scared now! Of something, but I’m not sure what exactly! (via)