Sarah Palin Wants To Get Her Photo Taken With This Margaret Thatcher Lady

Where there is error, may we bring truth

“Palin’s people haven’t said anything about meeting Cameron. Their main interest is getting a picture of her with Lady Thatcher. I’m not sure they know who David Cameron is.”
-An unnamed “individual involved in talks” between Sarah Palin’s people and Margaret Thatcher’s minders discusses the former Alaska governor’s request to meet the former British Prime Minister. The Daily Mail reports that Palin

“could soon be on her way to Britain to boost her hopes of challenging Barack Obama in the 2012 US presidential election. Her representatives approached Margaret Thatcher to ask for a meeting as part of a bid to enhance her claim to be the ‘heir to Ronald Reagan’ and prepare to challenge Mr Obama.” Thatcher, who suffers from dementia, has made no public speeches since she had a series of strokes in 2002, but will probably still be able to dominate the conversation. (David Cameron, in case Palin’s people are reading, is the current Prime Minister of Knifecrime Island; it’s probably good form to ask for a meeting with him as well.)