Ryan McGinness v. Ryan McGinley

“An article on Friday about art-related parties in New York misidentified the artist who has been staging a series of weekly parties since last July. He is Ryan McGinness — not Ryan McGinley, a photographer, who also organizes parties, as the article noted.” Most confusing New York Times correction ever? Here! We can help, with this handy guide.


Ryan McGinness
b. 1972
Likes skateboarders.
BFA, Carnegie Mellon University
Gallery: Deitch (or post-Deitch Deitch)
The presumably not-gay one.
Makes big, jazzy, stencily, explosiony installations, paintings and things. This is him wearing a hard hat and talking about stuff.
How to identify the work: stencil, design, layering, etc.:


Ryan McGinley
October 17, 1977
Like skateboarders. [Like(s) skateboarder(s)] [LET ME HAVE SOME FUN PEOPLE]
BFA in Graphic Design, Parsons
Gallery: Team
The gay one.
Shoots post-Nan dreamy photos of pretty pals in natural and urban settings; most are emaciated; most seem like they take drugs; lots are the gay. Does lots of commercial work now, including the NYT mag. This is who goes to his openings.
How to identify the work: usually looks something like an illustration from a hipster’s photo Tumblr after too much Thoreau and Whitman: