Orly Taitz Got Nearly Four Times More Votes Than Mickey Kaus


What a fantastic election night-and just in California alone! At a cost of $71 million, Meg Whitman has bought the Republican nomination for Governor of California. And fellow millionairess Carly Fiorina will go up against Barbara Boxer. Both of these women are total freaks, so it’s going to be a great year. There is sad news though: birther queen Orly Taitz was viciously trounced in her effort to become California Secretary of State, losing the Republican nomination 3–1 in favor of former NFL player Damon Dunn. (I know.) And yet? Orly Taitz got 368,316 votes in that race. In the Senate race for the Democrat nomination, against Barbara Boxer, Slate blogger Mickey Kaus received just 93,599. But it’s no matter! When California goes to the polls, everyone wins! (Everyone who doesn’t live in California, at least.)