New Advertising Lessons from the Gay Media

New Advertising Lessons from the Gay Media


Looking through the math on the “Annual Gay Press Report” [PDF], which samples gay publications each April, there’s some really inexplicable facts. There were 24% fewer issues of gay magazines published from 2008 to 2009. The circulation of gay magazines and newspapers both plummeted by a quarter-and the seven national gay magazines lost 40% of circulation. But even while newspapers and magazines also lost ads, a massive growth in ads in “Local A&E; Guides” (I believe we call those “bar rags”?), where the number of ads were up 65% year over year (fueled by liquor and retail), accompanied by an upturn in the costall publication’s fewer ads, found that income from advertising in gay publications was actually up 13.6% in 2009. The gay mag press advertising market is $349.6 million a year-small, but not shabby. So basically, what have we learned? Publish less frequently, lay off a bunch of staff, cut costs, go after bigger advertisers (airlines, beer companies), and sell bigger ads. Finally, one notable item: the number of ads for “Hair Growth” products declined 100% from 2008 to 2009, falling from 35 ads to zero ads. Gays: they already have all the hair they need, thanks.