Kanye West's Big Mouth Painted By George Condo

condo kanye

Man, when you’re on a roll. To accompany his comeback single “Power,” which has many people standing up at their computer terminals to shout out loud and type extra hard about how much they love it, Kanye West went and got the renowned New Hampshire-born artist George Condo to paint his portrait for the cover. Kanye has often rapped self-reflectively about his ego and big mouth (famously calling himself an “international asshole” on 2005’s “Diamonds From Sierra Leone”) but to see the self-criticism depicted visually like this, and after his foibles landed him in so much trouble at last year’s VMA’s, it’s pretty cool.


Meanwhile, the rest of the hip-hop world just tries to keep up. R&B; singer/songwriter The-Dream bites the artwork from Kanye’s last album, 808s & Heartbreak, for the cover of his new album, Love King.

love king

And Eminem goes in for some art-appreciation at a museum in France:

em mona lisa