Headlines Are Made of Popular Words


Yahoo! has published a style guide. “It’s Strunk and White for the online world,” said Arianna Huffington. They really do explain how the web works! For example, they explain how people make headlines.

There are some things to know, first: “if you’re writing a serious story about a natural disaster, the headline should not be frivolous.” That is true; we have all gone wrong there! Then it goes a little something like this:

If you have done keyword research for your page, you already know the words to target. Otherwise, ask yourself which words you would use in a search to find this story. Proper nouns-the names of people, places, and things-are good. Avoid abbreviations, because people tend to spell out words in searches. Then use those five or six keywords in a short sentence, which you will later trim to headline length.

Your keywords
Fab-U-Loz Chocolate, baby boomers, heart attack prevention, longevity
Draft sentence
Study finds Fab-U-Loz Chocolate prevents heart attacks in baby boomers.

Now you can have a website too!