George W. Bush Made A Video For You

New Facebook member George W. Bush posted his first video to his page yesterday. The audio on this rip makes it sound like he’s got a bad case of cottonmouth, but he has definitely jacked up his Texas accent in the year and a half since he’s been gone. I can’t quite put my finger on who, but he looks like someone famous, right? I’m thinking country singer or older actor who does “character” roles. It’s puzzling. Anyway, reviews thus far are mixed, ranging from “Ohh how I miss you in the White house…. GOD HELP THE USA!!!!” to “You are a pathetic sick old man and soon you will sicken and die. This is the only consolation you can offer but indulge yourself if you will. Everyones entitled to make a video. You and your kind are the most loathesome ,the ugliest and the most degrading human beings in the history of human consciousness and there is nothing for you to be proud of. I am glad to have the oppertunity to personally express my most profound contempt to you ,your family , and your former colleagues.” That second one is kind of harsh, but it’s still better than the critical reaction to the new A-Team movie.