Flagstaff Burns Beautifully

Here’s a timelapse video of wildfires in the mountains around Flagstaff, Arizona, which has had a very hot, bad week this past week. With apologies for taking any joy from the suffering of a faraway city, it’s amazing and beautiful to watch. And with apologies to anyone who is ever seen in my company, I will now admit that I really like the embarrassingly bombastic and melodramatic ballads of the Christian/goth/metal band Evanescence. (That’s their big hit “My Immortal” playing over the video.) Why is a mystery even to myself. Except that they had already nailed the “my-emotional-life-is-so-important-to-the-world” teen-reversion fantasy magic that the Twilight franchise has been taking to the bank way back in 2003. So, credit where credit’s due, I guess.