Everybody Knows Banana Is For Whores


It’s a candy-colored world this morning! There is a remarkable article in the Times about three new Ring Pop-inspired fragrances that are coming out under the auspices of Mariah Carey. But they are far more sophisticated than one might imagine.

“We think it will bring an even younger customer into the Mariah Carey franchise,” Ms. Dodge said. The Lollipop Bling line will be advertised in youth-oriented publications where ads for the celebrity’s fragrances had not previously appeared, like Seventeen and Teen Vogue. But Ms. Dodge emphasized that these “are not your typical teeny-bopper fragrances.”

While the scents “take a candy element as a thread to be woven in a fragrance,” they do so in a way that “elevates candy into a prestige environment,” she said.

Laurent Le Guernec, a perfumer at International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. who designed the fragrances, said that while typical candy flavors like grape and banana have “cheap and very common” scents, he was able to build on the Blue Raspberry Ring Pop flavor for one fragrance, Ribbon. Into the “juiciness and sweetness notes” of that flavor Mr. Le Guernec said he layered floral notes.

Read that one again. Still amazing, right?