Discovery Of World's Oldest Shoe Sure To Inspire 'Sex and the City' Jokes

Discovery Of World’s Oldest Shoe Sure To Inspire ‘Sex and the City’ Jokes

Very old laces

“The Armenian shoe discovery, published Wednesday in PLoS One, an online journal, was made beneath one of several cave chambers, when an Armenian doctoral student, Diana Zardaryan, noticed a small pit of weeds. Reaching down, she touched two sheep horns, then an upside-down broken bowl. Under that was what felt like “an ear of a cow,” she said. “But when I took it out, I thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s a shoe.’ To find a shoe has always been my dream.”
If I had reached my hand into a weedy pit in a cave in Armenia and touched something that felt like a cow’s ear, I’m not sure I would pull it out to investigate. But that’s why archeologists are probably more interesting to talk to at parties than I am. The story in today’s Times about the 2008 discovery of a 5,500-year-old leather shoe, the world’s oldest, is great fun to read.