DC Comics Starves Wonder Woman, Then Drags Her To Hot Topic

hot topic is the way that we rhyme

DC Comics has given Wonder Woman a makeover just in time for her 69th birthday, and a storyline in which Wonder Woman is out to avenge the destruction of Paradise Island. So the overall vibe given off by her is darker, more serious, “designed to be taken seriously as a warrior” — not to mention, more ready to be franchised into a tie-in clothing line for similarly disaffected female fans. (Think American Apparel, not Underoos.) After the jump, a side-by-side comparison of the old Wonder Woman costume and the new one.


The Times quotes Wonder Woman redesigner Jim Lee as saying that he wanted her to look stronger “without screaming, ‘I’m a superhero.’ “ All well and good, and it’s nice that her hair got toned down a bit, but doesn’t “stronger” also mean that the woman would have something resembling muscle tone?

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