Cat-Masked Robber Ensures That Her "Wanted" Poster Will Go Viral Immediately


A woman went into the Arche store in the East Village and tried to muscle the fancy shoe shop out of some cash the other day, only there was a catch — the woman, according to the New York Post, donned a cat mask before passing a note that she wanted money and had a gun to the poor shop clerk who got called into work that day. “She got her paws on $86 in cash and scampered off,” the Post noted, which ha ha ha. Her “Wanted” poster is after the jump!


How this has not become 10,000 LOLcrime images, I do not know.

(Apparently she has also donned a burqa and robbed a Body Shop in Jackson Heights? Although I am not sure how the connection between the lady above and the burqa’d burglar has been solidified, to be honest. Is the Post’s “source” actually the woman herself, who’s hoping to drum up some publicity? Because honestly, in this age, if you’re using a cat mask as a disguise for your criminality, you probably want someone on the Internet to notice.)