The Cruzin Cooler: The Latest Proof That We Are Living In A Future Designed By 18-Year-Old Dudes

The people responsible for marketing the Cruzin Cooler, a hybrid of your average Coleman and your crappy motor scooter that is apparently also useful for toting around laundry, proclaim in the mini-infomercial above that the product is “not just a cooler, it’s lightweight transportation” — you know, like a Rascal, only with a beverage-transport option as pretty much its only feature. The motorized versions start at $259 (plus shipping); the countdown to this item being combined with bro-icing and attempts to exceed the proclaimed internal speed limit of 13 mph — perhaps in some sort of variation on this theme — starts now. (Wait, bro-icing didn’t somehow become totally over after this weekend, did it?)