Tattoos: A Sign Of Extremely Attractive Risk-Takers

There are, of course, exceptions

It is time to once again talk about tattoos, specifically the kind of people who get them. Science has a theory! It turns out that, for dudes at least, it is the better-looking ones who take the needle.

Researchers at the University of Wroclaw in Poland measured about 200 men and women-half of them inked or pierced in places other than their earlobes-for body symmetry, or how similar their right and left sides are. (More similarity indicates genetic health and is associated with sexual attractiveness.)

Among the research subjects, men with bodily decorations exhibited greater symmetry than those without, whereas no differences emerged in women. Because people who are less symmetric did not opt more often for tattoos and piercings, researchers rejected one widely held hypothesis that suggested people use physical graffiti to hide or distract from imperfections in their appearance.

There is also speculation that a willingness to get a tattoo indicates a predisposition to risky behavior, which also demonstrates biological fitness. So basically hot dudes get tattoos so that chicks will let them do sex to them! I haven’t read the entire methodology of the research, but this seems to square up with everything we know about biology and evolution. Did I mention that I have a tattoo? Call me!