Oregon Burger Chain Apparently Trying To Discourage Customers From Overindulging

maximizing your calories per dollar

A Portland-area burger chain has followed in the footsteps of the much less caloric chain Red Mango and added calorie, fat, and fiber information to its receipts, along with suggestions on how you can make your order healthier. (Sample tip: “If you are trying to eat healthier, try ‘holding the chipotle mayo’ on your sandwich and save 180 calories and 18 grams of fat.” Noted! Also, ew, mayo.) So this way, while you’re waiting for your Half Pound Colossal Cheeseburger to be prepared at your local Burgerville, you can sit back and think hard about what you’re about to do to yourself — or, you know, just use that information-rich piece of paper to wipe off your greasy hands when you’re all done. [Via]