List of PR Firms Currently Banned From My Inbox


Here is the current list of PR companies that are blocked on my Gmail. Offenses by these firms in recent email subject lines include: “Heads Up — Hybrid gets a makeover,” “Miss USA 2010 Odds: Louisiana’s contestant will be crowned on Sunday!,” “Story Idea: Get Carrie’d away with these delicious low calorie Sex and the City Cocktails!!,” “Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka Celebrates One-Millionth Bottle,” “Recall: The future of Post-Kate Dancing with the Stars,” “Is Jane Lynch really rocking a $395 engagement ring?,” “Blog Material — Jennie Garth in Grand Central Station” and “Is “Brexting” the New Break-Up?” Oh and who can forget: “Snooki’s Diet Weapon: COOKIES!” I welcome communications from these firms and any others when they stop spamming me.