Kiddieporn Island Suffers From Low-Res Mobile Phones


Newcastle-upon-Tyne child porn enthusiast Michael Fraser left his cellphone on a bus, which led police to a “ring” of 70 fellow youth devotees, thanks to contacts in Fraser’s fifteen cellphones, six of which had “images” on them. First… who has fifteen cellphones? And more importantly, how enjoyable can porn be (kiddie or otherwise) if it’s only viewed on a Sony Ericsson W580i? That screen is all of 240×320 pixels! Poor England. There is an Apple store right there in Eldon Square in Newcastle, ya know. If your life is devoted to naked pictures of children, at least you could get an iPad, what with its glorious 9.7-inch diagonal display at 132 pixels per inch. And think how happy the Daily Mail would be to talk about “iPeds”!