Jim Wiatt, A Friend to Hollywood "Fags," Stomps Off To New York


“Another agent said that when he asked Wiatt if he would help him with a deal, Wiatt responded by staring back at him, as he played with a giant, wooden clothespin given to him by screenwriter Joe Eszterhas (a former client) and saying, ‘Eat it.’ (According to four sources from William Morris, Wiatt was also known to use the word ‘fag’ as a means of fraternizing around the office. As in, ‘How ya doin’, fag?’)”
Hollywood! Isn’t it great? Well, look out, because Jim Wiatt, the former head of William Morris and the steward of its merger with Endeavor, who’s been on the outs for a year, is leaving L.A. and setting up shop in New York, where you don’t call people “fag” in the office unless you work in banking or real estate, in which case it’s totally commonplace.