I Am Indeed The Model Of A Modern Website Weatherman


The rains that fall upon us now should end sometime tomorrow night
Thursday will be warmer and the sun will offer much more light
The clouds return on Saturday and Sunday should see rain again
But you’ll have had at least three days of warm and decent sun by then

The temperature is rising and will soon be more appropriate
The coming buildup of high pressure’s sure to help you cope with it
Despondent as you might all be by walking ‘round in skies of gray
I’d venture to remind you that we’re merely in the midst of May

I’d hope you do not think that I am simply an apologist
I’m only trying to look at things as a meteorologist
In fact the records show that if you’re speaking categorically
We’ve had less rain in thirty days than we have had historically

It happens almost every year as spring becomes the summer
The seasonal precipitation tends to make one glummer
But lest you try to hang yourself, please listen, it will all be right
The rains that fall upon us now should end sometime tomorrow night