Gawker Media Monthly Traffic = Population of Canada

So says Gawker Media Honcho Nick Denton in his monthly traffic email to his staff.


From: Nick Denton
Date: May 4, 2010 6:30:04 PM EDT
Subject: Gizmodo’s iPhone scoop takes April audience to 30m

Well, that was quite a month! For the first time ever, we brought in over 30m people worldwide. That’s about the population of Canada.

Obviously, Gizmodo’s gigantic iPhone scoop lifted the audience more than any other story. And the gadget site was responsible for six of the top ten stories. Greedy!

Here’s the full list of the TOP 100 stories in April:

But I’d like to draw attention briefly to a few items produced by other titles.

* ‘Detroit Looks Like Sarajevo’ was a nice visual idea from Ray that Gawker.TV ran with.
* Deadspin broadened its reach with ‘NYC Subway Attacked By Peppy Oregon Students Humming Rick Astley Tune.’ (And the site hit yet another audience high.)
* Jezebel’s Scott Baio saga was nicely packaged in their complete timeline of the former star’s online meltdown.
* And Gawker had a run of pop stories — Muslims and triskets, Alabama-bashing and intern-from-hell, for instance — that took the site to one of its strongest ever weeks.
* Lifehacker enjoyed a hit with its guide to accessing blocked web sites

If you want to see the trends site-by-site, look here:

Anyone else want to pick out some favorites?