This Just In: Young People Might Be A Bit Capricious With Their Spending

USA Today would like you to know that Generation Y (which is now defined as “anyone born from the 1980s to 2000,” in case you’re keeping score), for all its millennial optimism, is overall pretty broke! Only 58% of them pay their monthly bills on time, says one firm, while another says that 43% of them are building up “too much” credit card debt. (The “too much” threshold is not explained here. But those late fees can’t help!) A Real Live Youth explains: “When you get a little bit of money, what do you do with it? Do you pay off your credit cards, put it toward student loans, make an extra payment on your house or car, or put it in your IRA? I don’t have enough to really make a big dent in anything. If you get a bonus, why not just spend it?”