The Day Eliot Spitzer Supermanned Three Hos

What a day that was

The Eliot Spitzer rehabilitation tour continues apace, with the Post this morning reprinting a passage from Peter Elkind’s new book about the former governor, Rough Justice: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer, in which Spitzer’s prowess and virility are amply demonstrated.

On one occasion, George Fox [Spitzer’s hooker-ordering alias] had booked an appointment in the late morning at the Mark Hotel, on the Upper East Side, just five minutes’ walk from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As usual, he paid the girl in cash — about $1,200 an hour. Not long after it was over, he called (the booker) back, wanting to see a second escort. ‘Who else is around?’ he asked. (the booker) made the arrangements.

Then, late that afternoon, (Spitzer) called again.

‘You’re going to think I’m crazy,’ he began. ‘But can you send somebody else right now?’

He wanted a third girl? The booker chuckled: “You must be Superman! The man of steel!” (The booker) found him another girl. It wasn’t even dark yet.

Well, you know, a couple of things: Clearly, this is an indication that Eliot Spitzer is a man of remarkable energy and passion. The guy fucked three hookers before David Paterson had probably even gotten up. Also, three hookers? I’m hard pressed to think of anything I can muster up the energy to do more than twice in a day, and that includes changing the channel or brushing my teeth. Obviously we need a man with these talents back in Albany during this crisis. Last but not least, I think we’ve finally figured out where the “fucking steamroller” nickname came from. Because, come on: The guy was a FUCKING STEAMROLLER. Thrice!