Knifey Brits Slacking Off

This precious blade set in the silver sea

Are the inhabitants of Knifecrime Island beginning to renounce their stabby ways? The latest figures from the British Crime Survey show a 7% drop in overall crime in 2009. Also: “Violent crime, burglary and robbery all fell last year. Only sexual offences showed an increase, rising by 2 per cent to 53,239. The level of gun and knife crime also fell, including a 21 per cent drop in fatal stabbings.” Bicycle thefts are apparently up, but that is cold comfort to those of us who admire the nation’s fondness for the dagger and the alacrity with which they wield it. Maybe it just means doctors are getting better at stitching up the many perforated Britons who arrive in the emergency room with such frequency. Anyway, must try harder.