Housekeeping: Say Hi (Again) To Maura Johnston

A quick note about happy news: We have somehow conned the amazing Maura Johnston into spending the next few weeks here with us. You know Maura from Idolator when it was good, her recaps of “American Idol”, and the terrific contributions she has made on this site previously. Maura will be tasked with writing all the lady stuff that Messrs. Sicha, Bry and I are too masculine to address. KIDDING! She’s going to write whatever she wants. Anyway, we’re thrilled to have her and we hope you will be as well. One small warning: She’ll have access to our general e-mail line (to which you send so many helpful links and stories that we are so very grateful for), so those of you who use that address to offer graphic details of your Choire Sicha sexual fantasies might wish to find another forum in which to share those. Thanks! This should be fun.