Fondly Recalling The Age Of "Please Remembah To Take Ya Belongins"

And remember this?

Here in New York, eventually everything becomes an exercise in nostalgia, no matter how abrasive and offensive it was in the first place. Today, let’s take the case of Liz Danzico, “user experience consultant,” and head of the Interaction Design Department at the School of Visual Arts. Danzico is quoted in an analysis of a recent survey showing that a majority of city cab riders dislike and immediately turn off those annoying TVs in the back of the car. She looks back to an earlier, more pleasant era of taxi greetings.

She fondly recalled those recorded voices of such New York City icons as Joe Torre, Jackie Mason, Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Elmo that greeted you when you got into your cab during the Giuliani era. These weren’t universally beloved either, but compared to the cacophony that confronts us now they seem quaint and reassuring.

Yeah, totally! Remember when Yo-Yo Ma kept reminding you not to leave your cello in the trunk? Those were the days. You young kids today have no idea what kind of Eden you missed out on.