Even Older Britons Cannot Resist The Allure Of The Blade

“She was practically at the top of the stairs, I got the shock of my life because she had a ski mask on and a knife in her hand, the blade was about three inches, I was just in total shock. She tried to disguise her voice and said ‘give me your money.’ The next thing I knew she had pushed me down the stairs. She pushed me pretty hard, I just stotted off the wall, I don’t know how I didn’t flake out altogether. She went into the living room then and that was when I shouted up the stairs ‘Doris, I know its you.’”
-70-year-old Jeanette Hetherington testifies against her neighbor Doris Foulis, whom Hetherington claims broke her leg in an attempted robbery that happened in a little place I like to call Knifecrime Island.