Color Of Money Has Right Seeing Red

It's okay, we're all a little predictable sometimes

As Abe Sauer noted amid yesterday’s unveiling of the new $100 bill, the crazier elements of the right were sure to complain about “how this demonstrates Obama is making good old US greenbacks all colored like that socialist euro money.” Vanity Fair’s Juli Weiner took things even further, suggesting the bill might as we be a Euro and appealing for the crackpot version of the Bat Signal: “Um, Drudge-siren! Is this bill a Communist-style invasion of our civil liberties?” Well, it’s not exactly a siren, but Matt did indeed take note. Whether this is an indication of self-awareness or the typical knee-jerk response to anything involving the administration-and it could easily be both-don’t let it be said that Mr. Drudge won’t play to type.