Chelsea's Law? Come On, Let's Just Have Town Square Executions!


I’ve never been a big fan of the sex offender laws, mostly because, God, do they ever always end badly. Now we have proponents of Chelsea’s Law, in California, which is hard, on the face of it, not to get totally behind? “The bill notably includes a ‘one strike’ provision that would allow prosecutors to pursue a life sentence without parole for forcible sex crimes against a minor when there are aggravating circumstances such as torture and kidnapping.” I mean, you put “torture” and “minor” “forcible sex crimes” in there and it’s pretty much like, WELL, OKAY. Except I’m pretty sure those are all pretty heavily-punished crimes already? And… wait, why do I want to pay for a sex offender’s hot lunch into forever with my sad little tax dollars again? Come on. We all know the Bible has found a way to deal with this. Town Square. See you at dawn.