Alex Rodriguez Will Take The Shortcut, Thank You

As someone who has found the New York Yankee career of Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez both fascinating and baffling, I watched with interest the flare-up yesterday during which Rodriguez, trying to expedite his trip back to first base from third after a foul ball, cut across the diamond instead of retracing his steps across the basepath. His path took him across the pitchers’ mound, which greatly upset A’s pitcher Dallas Braden. (“He should just maybe watch his captain a little more often,” Braden said afterward, in the umpteenth instance of someone setting up a “Goofus & Gallant” situation between Rodriguez and Yankee-for-life Derek Jeter. Wait, how has that not become a blog concept yet? I call dibs!) Now, to hope that a lightly fictionalized version of the incident shows up on the forthcoming, Mexico-set season of Eastbound & Down.