Water-Milk Last Beverage Option for Socialist America's Malnourished Tweens


After Congress comes back from its Hot Spring Break or whatever, the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 [PDF!] is out of committee and awaiting arguing and posturing and maybe voting. It’ll expand food programs for low-income children pretty radically, from what we can tell. Which is great! On the other hand, some kids have too much food, or something, and they are storing it in their bodies, so the bill will, in its Food Death Panels section, take food away from them in the form of giving them food that is barely food. Also the bill would cause schools to maybe stop feeding children millions of pounds in recalled meats, but whatever. Also! It will make sure that all children only drink skim milk, according to the Times: “For example, milk is the biggest single source of saturated fat on the lunch line. The bill would allow only skim milk to be offered, banning whole and 2 percent milk.” While this is not actually stated anywhere in the bill, at all, that is possibly true! Because what we know now is that milk is what makes children obese.