The New Tabloid Cesspool


Most every day, I could spend all my days reporting offensive comments on the New York Post website. This is, in a way, mildly amusing, because the Post likes to think of itself as the institution that represents New York’s moral rectitude. It’s the great finger-wagger. Yet its comment sections are among the most foul, revolting, repressive, juvenile and vulgar places on the whole Internet. That is really saying something! The only place worse on the Internet today is the comments sections of the fellow populist scold, the Daily News. Today brings news of the in-home murder of a 29-year-old transgender woman, who was also robbed. The comments include: “Guess she/he pick up the wrong man who did not appreciate her mail agenda after seeing her boobs.” [Sic?] That’s not very inventive but here’s a whole NEW kind of prejudice: “Whatever; he’s still a male and will always been known as a male. Probably his own kind that got rid of him. To much competition among themselves.” Huh. That is a new one! Also, why don’t their publishers care that they are littering the Internet with the moronic thoughts of hateful idiots?