The Difficult Decision Of Virtual Parenthood

“As for me, I can’t really figure it out. I did make my avatar look pregnant and go travelling around to see if people noticed, I didn’t have the scripted text with the baby talk, so no one took much notice, but it didn’t feel right for me. I think I’ll stick with my virtual Siamese kitten Max, he sleeps anywhere without the need of a cot or a buggy and runs around without me looking after him, but maybe I’m the exception to the rule, because there are plenty of SL shops doing very well in the baby business! It must be that human instinct that people want to act out, even if it is just virtual.”
CNN iReporter Janey Bracken can’t figure out why people would like to have babies while playing Second Life. As opposed to say, having a virtual Siamese kitten, which is completely understandable. She is also an exception to the rule about writers ending sentences with periods.