Republican Condemns (Mentioning) Violence

In the wake of the rise in threats and acts of violence against Democratic members of Congress who supported the health care bill, Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) is taking a strong stand. He’s against it. Specifically, he’s against Democrats “politicizing” it, or even talking about it, really, because God knows all you need to do to set off some brickthrowing gun nut is to put out a press release noting that your office has been damaged. Some might be tempted to see this as a remarkably transparent attempt by Cantor to distance the Republican party from recent disgraceful behavior and to portray Democrats as whiny pussies who are wetting their pants over a few minor death threats and incidents of vandalism in hopes that they might further their agenda, but I think that’s a little too cynical. Eric Cantor knows exactly who most vociferously supports The Party of No, and he knows exactly what they’re capable of. I think he’s genuinely concerned for the safety of his friends across the aisle, and this is how he’s trying to help.