No Human Labor Now Worth More Than Five Dollars


Once, there was Mechanical Turk, where people in the third world would do data entry for you. And also Google Answers, wherein people would do your homework. But you know what’s going well these days? The Internet will allow you to hire anyone in the world to do simple tasks for $5, thanks to Fiverr, one of the only web startups that has a chance of becoming profitable. And boy is it ever useful! “I will tell you what name or animal you look like for $5.” And! “I will send you a postcard + 10 grams of our purest sand from Mauritius Island for $5.” More tempting: “I will stand on a busy intersection with a sign saying ANYTHING you want for $5.” Annnnnd game over: “ I will proofread/edit your essay for $5…. If you would like me to proofread something longer than 5 pages, I will still read it but it will take me two days.” Thanks for bringing down the already unfathomable bottom price of the word industry, jerkface. You lose by winning!