New York Now a "Riveting Spectacle" of "Political Debasement"!


Hey, what did I miss on my huge, three-day vacation? Oh yay, New York “has descended into a bizarre, riveting spectacle of corruption and political debasement”! (Politico also notes that “At this point, only two of the six statewide elected officials, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, were actually elected to the positions they hold.”)
But also, oh noes, my three favorite running political stories have largely up and died.

Harold Ford realized that he was an idiot and couldn’t be elected to dogcatcher. (OKAY SO LONG, ENJOY BEING A MILLIONAIRE.)

More upsetting to me, Charlie Rangel, no longer the chair of Ways and Means, is therefore also no longer one of the top five most influential politicians in D.C. and is apparently “sad, lost and alone in his own thoughts.” (!?)

And then David Paterson is pretty much all done except for the resigning and/or just fading away. The Post is calling FreeYankeeTicketsGate “strike three,” which is their code for “We expect a resignation.”

What can we say? I guess 2010 will go down as having the angriest Black History Month ever, seeing as it apparently tried to take everyone down with it on the way out? Or you know, if I was just a tiny bit more conspiracy-minded, I’d see a conspiracy in this!