Jeff Koons Unnecessarily Shoots Rabbits for "They Gay?" 'NYT' Mag Cover


For this coming Sunday’s New York Times magazine, Jeff Koons has apparently provided photographs of two bunnies. Just two days ago, the Times reported on the decline in work and income for professional photographers. After claiming that amateurs and their low pricing were hurting professional photographers, a claim that is total baloney-newspapers and magazines changed their rates and the amount of work they commissioned, is actually what happened!-the Times started to make sense: “Professionals are also being hurt because magazines and newspapers are cutting pages or shutting altogether…. And while magazines once sniffed at stock photographs, which are existing images, not original assignments, shrinking editorial budgets made them reconsider.” And here are some of the stock photos that could have been used by the Times mag instead of randomly hiring one of the world’s most expensive photographers!

Super Stock charges a whopping $1700 for cover use on a magazine with a million-plus distribution. We imagine that’s a whole lot less than Koons charges. But particularly when your institution is looking at the lack of work for working photographers (of which Koons is not one!), it seems in poor taste to steal a job out of the mouth of someone who actually does this for a living.




And…. there. For the worst Photoshop mockups in the history of ever, I would like $5 please.

Later I suppose we’ll start asking why, um, there is a cover story in the Times mag where the coverline is “THEY GAY?” Because, WHAT? (Are they trying to make GayLOLRabbits happen? Because, no.) Also the story isn’t even about rabbits! “Contributing writer Jon Mooallem explores homosexual activity amongst albatrosses at Kaena Point, Hawaii.” And! “But studying these activities may have implications beyond animals; for many, it’s a reflection of what humans perceive as ‘natural,’ a validation or a denunciation of our own behavior.” Hoo boy!