Food Blogger Josh Ozersky Attacks Food Blogs


“When you like a critic, you trust his judgment not because he has a Doctor of Food Letters, although such things do apparently exist. He’s proved himself over a long period. You know what he (or she) likes or dislikes. You get him (or her). Maybe you don’t always agree; but when you’re looking at getting a babysitter and maybe dropping three bills on dinner, you need to minimize risk. For that, the user reviews on Citysearch or Yelp are beyond useless — faceless and contradictory; and the same goes for the blogs. (The blogs at least sometimes take pictures.)”
This comes in a Defense of the Critics Piece. And is it seriously uh oh? Or LOL? Category confusion? Does the former “Senior Editor of Citysearch” and Grub Street and the current Rachael Ray blogger (!?) have The Dementia?