Five Democrat Vote-Switchers Totally Dead To Everyone


There are now two conflicting 2010 and 2012 election narratives. (Well, three, really, if you count the “Mayan disaster” narrative, in which, in ’12, everyone in politics is killed when the Mayans RELEASE THE KRAKEN.) One is the Republicans’ “resist and repeal and refuse and other words that start with ‘r’” about how they will use the giving of health insurance to the working class to get the Demoncrats out of office. And now, well, this is different: the Dems and their labor union pals think they can crucify the five Democrats who switched their votes on health care reform to “no.” Basically Nancy Pelosi is going from office to office and banging a shoe on each of their desks while everyone else is out finding better Democrats to run against them. (This is going to be the longest year ever for Michael Arcuri, D-NY, of the least-Hampton of them all, the uncharming burg of Binghamton.) Also, this is AWESOME.