Everybody Has Less Than Somebody, So Let's All Kill Each Other


After the Times blew up with a story in part on how the youngs, who have no jobs, use the foodstamps at the Whole Foods, Salon has followed suit about the youngsters buying the organic chickens and boy are the comments insane.

Like, THIS kind of insane: “I know people need help right now, but its a slap in the face to know that I’m busting my butt working 40+ hrs a week, buying generic to feed my kids and someone collecting food stamps is eating better than us — thanks to my hard work. Do these people think this is ok? And seriously if you’re just getting food stamps so you can buy organic free range chicken that is HORRIBLE!!!!”

Well at least you have the broadband so as to complain on the Internets. And I’m sure your kids are thrilled that you are such an unhappy person.

And: “Of course people are going to be pissed that they’re busting their asses every day in real jobs so that some douchebag can satisfy his ‘flexitarian’ gourmet diet.”

This “ass-busting” is a recurring theme.

Also, LOL: “Maybe a degree in post feminist analysis of Sumerian Temple Prostitutes wasn’t such a wise choice after all.”

And then there’s this letter:

As a 27 year old single mother of three children I qualified for and received food stamps from 1979 to 1982 while completing my undergraduate degree. During that time, while shopping at the local Safeway, I presented the orange USDA coupons for my food and dug out a dollar for a Time magazine. The checker said with no small amount of distain, “I wish I could afford Time magazine.” As if, because I was using food stamps, I should not be purchasing a magazine. I’ll never forget that checker’s attempt to shame me for my choices.

There will always be people who discount those of us who take advantage of government programs to further our welfare and that of our families. I’ve been employed almost continuously since I graduated from college in 1982, I’ve paid my taxes willingly. I might not agree with what our government does with “my” tax dollars, but I have three, high-functioning, well-educated, adult children who remember aloud what it was like to grow up without much money. They never talk about how they went to bed hungry, because they never did.

I don’t begrudge anyone whatever they choose to buy and eat using government subsidized food. At least they know how to cook, which is more than I can say for myself. More power to them. Maybe someday they will have a chance to pay into a system that gave them the opportunity to eat well, with dignity, when they did not have much money.

Getting food stamps while GOING TO COLLEGE? And having children left and right? Disgusting hipster welfare queen! CRUCIFY HER.